To Kill A Mockingbird (2018) 

.Wednesday 28 - Saturday 31 March 2018, Bridewell Theatre
Directed by Anthony Lau

 Set and Costume Designer: Charlotte Dennis

 Lighting Designer: Adam Kin

 Sound Designer: Alexandra Faye Braithwaite
 Photographs ©Robin Savage

Street View
Doors from Left to Right: Radley's, Ms Dubose, Finch's and Ms Stephanie's.
©Robin Savage
Street View
©Robin Savage
Outside Finch's Door
Scout and Calpurnia on the Finch's porch.

©Robin Savage
Scout and Jem.
Scout and Jem out in the street Ms Dubose shouting abuse.

©Robin Savage
Ms Stephanie
Ms Stephanie speaking to the audience after Atticus shot the mad dog.

©Robin Savage
Dill's Circus
Dill's imagination comes to life with a real life traveling circus.

©Robin Savage
Trail at Courtroom
Atticus talking to Tom in Court.

©Robin Savage
Tom's Trail
Tom and Mr Gilmer during Trail.

©Robin Savage
Isolated Courtroom
Dill and Scout leave the courtroom as Dill is upset with how Tom's trail is going.
©Robin Savage
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